Dreams Come True (Sapne Jo Sach Honge)

Every child has a dream, no matter where that child comes from but many a times, these children aren't able to achieve these goals, this is why we have brought forth this idea.

This is a platform through which children will be able to showcase their talent and will be able to be featured on our YouTube channel, they can write and send in poems, stories and other various things which will be featured on the channel, they can also send in videos of them performing and doing whatever they like, which then we can showcase on the channel.

One of the main goals of this is that we want to help a child become closer to his/her dream, whatever it may be, we aim to assist that child in his endeavor, and so through the various poems, stories or videos that will be sent to us, we will select and help children who are unable to reach their dream due to one reason or the other.

The various details to contact us can be found on this site.