Fairy Tales (Imagine-Nation)

Children love to live in a world full of wonder and fantasy that they create in their own minds, and seeing to this we want to create a world where a child can learn and have fun, we will do this by bringing forward stories that can, not only be bought as books but also can be found on YouTube in the form of a Web Series in which we will bring all the wondrous characters that are a part of these books to life so that kids can enjoy and learn from watching these characters as well as interact with these characters by doing activities with them which would also keep these children active.

The concept of these stories was brought forward by Mrs. Deevya Jain and produced by Mrs. Deevya Jain and Mr. Ayushman Jain, these stories have been written by Mr. Pratik Bhattacharya, directed by Mr. Sameer Kashani and these stories are voiced by film actress Annanya Chaudhry, whom we can find on the Web Series that will be available to watch on YouTube.