R.J. Group

R.J. Group was started by Shri Ravindra Jain’s wife Mrs. Deevya Jain and his son Ayushman Jain. This group was originally formed with the intention of keeping Shri Ravindra Jain’s memory alive in our hearts and minds and now has grown and is still growing into something even bigger.

R.J. Group consists of two companies, R.J. Event Management and R.J. Fusion & Threads.

R.J. Event Management

If you imagine it, we will make it a reality! That is why we call ourselves The Dream Weavers!

As a company we strive towards providing the best quality service as an event management company as we not only want people to attend these events but also experience them and create memories that will not be forgotten.
We provide cost effective services and are also reliable and will ensure quality as well as efficient services for our clients.
We as a company also strive to bring to life new concepts through means of various plays, musicals, festivals etc. that we ourselves will orchestrate.
Our mission is to provide the best experience to the public and the best service to out clients.

R.J. Fusion & Threads

R.J. Fusion & Threads is a project we started because we love designing, it is a passion project that we hope to bring forth to the public, to show our own designs and the work we put into it. We wanted to make clothing that was not only stylish, but also gave you a feeling of comfort and homliness, something that would be a meld of Elegance, Style, Culture and Luxury.
We hope we will be able to bring joy to may people through our designs!

As we always say, we don’t stitch clothes, we stitch memories.


We also manage two YouTube Channels

Ravindra Jain

This channel consists of videos of the bhajans and unreleased songs produced, directed, written or sung by Shri Ravindra Jain.

R.J. Event Management

This channel consists of videos of concerts and events organised by us.

If you have any queries or want to contact us for business then you can do so here…